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Kan Yama Kan -  International Stories in Egyptian Arabic

(8 Stories, 151 Pages, Hardcover)

In the Egyptian Arabic dialect (a'amiya) and in rhyme, Kan Yama Kan (Once Upon a Time, in english)  presents 8 popular international folk stories that stood the test of time; and until today are being told and retold all over the world. We imagined if these  stories had happened in Egypt and painted them with brushes of 8 talented Egyptian female illustrators. We tell the story of the "Enormous Turnip" imagined in the region of Nuba with its unique colorful houses; "The Ugly Duckling" by the famous Temple of Abydos and the sugar cane fields in Sohag; "The Magic Porridge Pot" presented in The Sinai Peninsula where the little girl Iman meets the old Bedouin woman; "The Three Little Pigs" in EL Bahariya Oasis with its unique rock formations; "Little Red Riding Hood" in the beautiful countryside of El Faiyum where Egypt's only waterfall resides, "The Gingerbread Man" for the first time running through the streets of Cairo and eventually eaten on the banks of the Nile, by the Great Pyramids of Giza;  "The Little Red Hen" in the Delta region by the Egyptian Banha Bridge (famously sung to by Dalida); and lastly, "The Shoemaker and the Elves"  imagined in the old city of Alexandria during the times of The Arabian/1001 Nights, and with shots of Kom el Dikka neighborhood and the famous  Citadel of Qaitbay. All in ONE BIG BOOK!