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On this page you will find (على هذه الصفحة سَتجِد):

(1) audio readings of the storybooks in Arabic  (بَث القصص المسموعة بالعامية المصرية),

(2) video readings of the storybooks in Arabic on YouTube  (ڤيديو الحواديت على اليو تيوب بالعامية المصرية),

(3) transcripts of the translated Arabic text  (النص المُترجم مكتوب),

(4) link to where you can buy the original foreign/English book (لِنك لشراء الكتاب الأجنبي الأصلي), & 

(5) video readings of the storybooks in their original language ( ڤيديو الحواديت على اليوتيوب باللغة الأصلية - الإنجليزية).

*The translations preserve all elements of the original storyline, however extra descriptions of the surroundings were sometimes added to enable creating the rhyme. 

.تحافظ الترجمات على جميع عناصر القصة الأصلية ، ولكن تم إضافة أوصاف للمحيط في بعض الأحيان لتمكين إنشاء القافية * 

Room on the Broom / الساحِرة و التِنين

by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

(Recommended age: 4 to 8) - Do not judge a book by its cover. Witches do not have to be evil and this one isn't. A story about: a kind witch, friends uniting to help another friend in danger, and beating evil & power with brains. 

Monkey Puzzle / فَزُّورة القرد: فين ماما؟

by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

(Recommended age: 4 to 8). An educational book about animals and different facts about them. It is presented in a very clever story. While all the baby animals commonly look like their mommies, that is not the case for the butterfly and her children, the worms. NOTEAn official translation in Classical Arabic is available.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears / جولديلوكس و الدِبَبَة الثلاثة

Ladybird First Favourite Tales by Ailie Busby & Nicola Baxter

(Recommended age: 3 to 6) - A classic story loved by kids. Some discussion points: What was Goldilocks's wrong doing? Do you think she should tell her mom what happened when she gets home? Can she fix her mistake ... may be send an apology letter or send the little bear a present - may be one of her toys?

The Smartest Giant in Town /  أشيَك عِملاق في المدينة

by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

(Recommended age: 3 to 8) - This story is great to discuss/compare to the 'The Highway Rat. Here the giant gives up all his clothes to help the animals, and by making them happy he is happy too. His good deeds won him loyal friends. On the contrary, The Highway Rat was mean, so was disliked by all the animals and ended up alone and miserable. BOTH, STORIES OF KARMA!

The Enormous Turnip / اللِفتَة الكِبيرة 

Ladybird First Favourite Tales by Jan Lewis & Irene Yates

(Recommended age: 3 to 5) - A story about team work and how we can be stronger as a group.

Wenn sieben müde kleine Hasen abends in ihr Bettchen rasen / تصبحوا على خير يا أرانب 

by Sabine Praml Mit & Christiane Hansen

This is originally a German book. (recommended age: 2 to 3)

Title translation: "When seven tired little rabbits rush into their cots in the evening."

The Stick Man / الراجِل العَصايَة

by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffer

(Recommended age: 3 to 8) -  One can not help but feel sorry for Stickman and how he is used and abused in this story. In that respect it is a great story to stimulate compassion. It also gives a creative way to think outside the box about how a stick can be used in many different ways. 

The Little Red Hen / الفرَخة الَحمَرة الُصَغیَرة 

Ladybird First Favourite Tales by Liz Pichon & Ronne Randall

(Recommended: age 3 to 6) - Another great classic. Lessons: help others, do not be lazy, work hard ... and certainly...  If You Snooze You Lose! 

Grumpy Bird / العَصفورة الزَعلانَة

by Jeremy Tankard

(Recommended age: 2.5 to 4.5) - This is a great story that gives a fun twist on kid's grumpiness after waking up from a nap. 

The Snail and The Whale / الحَلَزون و الحوت 

by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

(Recommended age: 4 to 8) -  It is a bit of a slow pace book so not all kids are captured by it. However the climax towards the end is rather dramatic and kids certainly enjoy that part. A story about: travel, a strong whale helping a small snail to achieve its dream, mobilizing everyone to help a friend in need. NOTE: A Classical Arabic translation of this book is available.. 

Wizard of Oz / ساحِر أوز

Ladybird First Favourite Tales by Ronne Randall & Ailie Busby

(Recommended age: 4 to 8) - This is a simplified and shorter version of the longer original story.  It gives room to discuss: what are feelings (and why tin-man wants a heart), brains (and why are they important), courage (and what that means), and finally realizing through Dorothy that ... There Is No Place Like Home!

The Gruffalo / الجرَفَلو

by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

(Recommended age 4 to 8) -  Such a clever plot. No wonder it is a best seller and has been translated to many languages. With smartness and a bit of imagination, the small mouse was able to trick all the much bigger and more dangerous animals.  NOTE: There is a Classical Arabic translation of this book. 

The Magic Porridge Pot/ حَلِّة البليلة السِحريَّة

by Alan MacDonald & Jan Lewis

(Recommended age: 3 to 5) - A classic! Kids find the idea of magic words to work and stop the porridge-pot fun. The story gives a chance to introduce poverty and to discuss what it means to be poor.

The Elves and the Shoemaker / العَفَاريت و الجَزْمَجي 

by Lorna Read & Jan Lewis

(Recommended age: 3 to 6) - Another classic. The story introduces the idea that one need not be helped forever. Once the shoemaker was doing fine, it was time for The Elves to help someone else in more need.

Little Red Riding Hood /  ميكا الأحْمَريكا و الديب

Ladybird First Favourite Tales by Mandy Ross & Anja Rieger

(Recommended age: 3 to 8) - A classic story about Stranger Danger !!

Zog / زُج

by Julia Donaldson & Axel Sheffler

(Recommended age: 3 to 8) - A great story about many morals: (1) Practice makes perfect. Zog worked hard  to be the best student, (2) the idea of growing up and learning different things at different stages, (3) helping others - as the princess aided Zog; (4) changing one's mind and becoming a better "person" - Zog and the knight decide to help the princess in her noble 'doctor' work.

Superworm /  الدودة المحبوبة

by Julia Donaldson & Axel Sheffler

(Recommended age: 3 to 7) - A story about being kind and thoughtful and how that wins you loyal friends who help you at times of need. Also another story about 'karma' - the evil lizard experiences a bad ending. 

Zog & The Flying Doctors / زُج و الدَكاترة الطايرة

by Julia Donalson and Axel Sheffler

(Recommended age 3 to 7) - A story about a non conforming girl who wants to be more than just a pretty princess. Comparing this story with Cinderella (also  on this list)  makes a great discussion. The story is also about making a wrong judgments and not shying away from admitting it, even if the mistaken person is an adult (as does The Princess's uncle).

Cindrella / سِنْدريلا

by Ronne Randall & Aillie Busby

(Recommended age 3 to 7) -  A loved classic no matter how progressive we get. As discussed above, different to the book 'Zog and the Flying Doctor' about a non conforming girl who wants to be more than just a pretty princess, Cinderella is taking us back to a traditional girl with traditional aspirations. Makes a nice discussion with your kids to compare (hopefully ... with no judgement)!

Tabby McTat / ​​القط كيت كات و صَحبُه الشَحَّات

by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

(Recommended age 4 to 7) -  A book with subtle messages: Generosity (the ladies taking the cat in); the cat's loyalty to his friend The Busker yet it still does what is best for itself (luckily this narrative is delivered with a happy ending), and also everyone will find someone who loves them the way they are (the noisy little kitten finds a home too ... just like its siblings).

The Highway Rat / فار الطريق السريع

by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

(Recommended age: 4 to 8) - This is one of the few Julia Donaldson stories where the protagonist is a villain. The Highway Rat was mean to the other animals and so ended up alone and miserable. This story is great to discuss and compare to 'The Smartest Giant in Town', also on the list, where the kind giant won loyal friends. TWO STORIES ABOUT KARMA!  Add-on, it teaches kids about Echo...A concept they will enjoy to replicate. 

Hansel and Gretel / هَنْسِل و جغيتِل

by Ronne Randall and Ailie Busby

(Recommended age: 3 to 6) A rather dark classic tale. Not sure what the good messsages are but it is certainly a classic that kids seem to still appreciate. More suitable for 5 years and older.  

The Ugly Duckling / البَطَّة الدَميمة

by Mandy Ross and Ailie Busby

(Recommended age: 3 to 6) A sad classic tale about a duck who did not belong. It looked different from its family and was not welcomed by the other animals. It turns out that it was not a duck, but was a swan and is loved and appreciated by its own species. 

The Gingerbread Man / وَلَد بَسكوت الجَنزَبيل

by Irene Yates and Ailie Busby

(Recommended age: 3 to 6) A classic story with a bad ending for the show-off, The Gingerbread Man!!

The Screcrows' Wedding / فَرَح سَلمه القَمحة على سَلمان الشوفان

by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

(Recommended age: 4 to 8) -- A story about love and loyalty;  a boy being a gentleman; another boy being mean and not accepting “NO”;  a nice girl who stood up for herself; about bad and harmful actions (smoking); & about friends getting together and helping the lovely couple have their dream wedding. 

The Gruffalo's Child / بنت الجرَفَلو

by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

(Recommended age 4 to 8) -  A sequel to The Gruffalo (above). With smartness, the small mouse tricks the Gruffalo's daughter to not eat him!!   NOTE: There is a Classical Arabic translation of this book. 

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