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At the moment we are not able to fulfill any orders as we seek a new shipping partner. 

You can still submit your order and we will contact you when we resume operations.

Book Prices & Delivery:

  • Kalimat Min Hayaty (Hardcover): LE 330

  • Kuku & Zizi (2 separate books - Softcover): LE 300.

  • Kan Yama Kan (1 book with 8 short stories - Hardcover): LE 475.  

  • Payment is cash-on-delivery.

  • Shipping (Cairo & Giza): LE 45.

  • Shipping (Other Governorates): LE 60

  • The books are delivered  within 3-6 working days.

Important information to enable processing your order:

  •  Please fill the form  with a WhatsApp number.

  • We will send a WhatsApp message to confirm the order.

  • We do not process the order if we do not receive a response to the WhatsApp message.

Note: You need to fill all segments of the form above to be able to submit it. Please put zero (0) for the books you are not requesting. 

Return Policy: Please refer to the relevant website tabs for details and samples pages from the books. We gladly accept returns (for an exchange only) in the rare case of a faulty book at the time of delivery. 

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