These are the steps I used to make books  using my colloquial Arabic translations (please contact me directly if you need the transcripts of the translations of the audios to do the steps below). You will have a good looking arabic book by the end. The only issue is that the books will still open the English way - left to right. Not much to do about that unfortunately! You will need about 2 hours to complete the following steps, provided that you already have transcripts of the translations, the original book, and the clear labels mentioned below. (& a quick reminder, you would be doing this because publishers are not willing (yet!!) to publish young children books in colloquial Arabic.)

** OR an easier way, keep the book as it is and just read out the translated text from the paper.**

You will need to own the physical book you want to translate. I provide links to the books on the "Rhyme Books" and "Non-Rhyme Books" tabs of this website. There are also many other options to buy them from.

Step 2: Erase the Book...YES!!!

 Now that you just paid quite a bit of money to buy a book, it is time to erase it. It takes some decadence to do so!! but trust me, you will feel better in the end when you have 'your' book - in arabic.

You will need cotton and nail polish. Bit by bit, and without completely soaking the cotton, erase all the text from the original book. ( completely disappears).

NOTE: it is helpful (for Step 4 later) to have a photocopy of the original book with the text before you erase it. 

Step 3: Print the Translation on a Clear Label

You will need to:

(a) Buy clear labels. The link below shows the ones I use - but those are sized for american standard printers.

(b) Print on that label the translation of the book you are making. You will find downloadable PDFs of the translations on the "Rhyme Books" and "Non Rhyme Books" tabs. The text on the PDFs has been aligned to print well on most standard printer/page sizes. The 

translated text has also been formatted with a font size that fits into the  original book pages. (This font fitting is tedious to figure out...takes a bit of trial and error!)


Step 4: Cut and Stick the Labels

 The translation PDFs outline the page numbers where the translated text should go, so you can just cut along those lines.  In some cases the translated text for one book page is on more than one cut pieces of the label. That is when there is text on the top of a page and other text at the bottom (for instance due to a picture in the middle of that page). I note this in the PDFs by assigning a part (a) and (b) to the pages. (you will know what i mean when you see the PDFs).  

Sometimes after sticking the label is seems a bit airy underneath. Just use your nails to press down on every part of the label so as to stick it more tightly to the book.

NOTE: because of this step, it will be helpful to photocopy the original book before erasing it (to know where the text should go). However, in some instances i have combined texts that were originally on two of the original book pages onto just one page (less stuff to cut and stick).   

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