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Visual & Audio Kids Entertainment in Colloquial Arabic: 

On this page i share YouTube and media resources of kids series, movies and songs in the Egyptian Arabic dialect. This information was largely already on YouTube, i just compiled it into more organized playlists. 

(1) Winnie the Pooh - Short Episodes in the Egyptian Dialect (10 minutes each):


There are about 26 episodes. These are really good. You can find them all on YouTube. A few have been blocked unfortunately.

(2) Disney Movies - dubbed in Egyptian Arabic:


Disney stopped translating its movies to Egyptian Arabic (which used to be the default) and now they translate them to Classical Arabic/Modern Standard Arabic-MSA (Fos7a). This started with either the movie Frozen. A couple of related articles on the topic are in the links below.


All Disney releases prior to those are  are in the Egyptian dialect, such as : 101 Dalmatian  Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Bugs Life, Cars 1, Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, Chicken Little, Toy Story, Lion King, Finding Nemo, Pinocchio, Pocahontas, Tarzan, 2 Winnie the Pooh movies, The Little Mermaid, Tinker Bell, The Penguin of Madagascar.... and many others.


It is not so easy to find the Arabic dubbed DVDs, here are some options: 

1) Virgin Mega Store in Cairo or United Arab Emirates.

2) The following website sells some, while many were ok a few were bad quality:

3) On search "Disney Movies in Egyptian Arabic"

(3) Sesame Street Episodes - in Egyptian Arabic:


You can find them on YouTube in links below or DVDs sold on .

Unfortunately some of the YouTube videos have been blocked. 

1) One Long Episode on the Arabic Numbers 1 to 10

2) One Long Episode on the Arabic Alphabet

3) Series of 24 Short Episodes made in 2010

4) Series of 24 Short Episodes made in 2017

(4) Bakar - Series in Egyptian Arabic:

These are a number of episodes about the adventures of an Egyptian child called Baker from Nuba. You can find them all on YouTube.

(5) PLAYMOBIL - Dubbed Episodes 

Below is a link to a huge set of Playmobil episodes dubbed into Egyptian dialect. They are appropriate for young kids (3 to 5 years old). I love how they are calm and not over-whelming or over-stimulating. The way of talking the Egyptian dialect is a bit 'tacky' - saying things like 'ya lahwey- يل لَهوى' 'eh ya wad - إيه يا ولد'  and Peppa Pig being called "Beeba". But once you get over the way they talk and weigh in the alternative options for children  media in Egyptian arabic, they are actually good and very age appropriate. I just do not know who dubbed them, certainly a better job could have been done.

(6) Hawadeet -  Short books in Egyptian Arabic

This is a very nice website ( The stories are short, have simple illustrations and in colloquial Egyptian arabic. A few of the stories are in english.

(7) - دي الحكاية  - Egyptian Arabic Audio Stories

This is a new website that provides children audio stories in colloquial Arabic. 

(8) Songs - in Egyptian Arabic on YouTube:

There are a few Egyptian kids songs. I am not very fond of the old ones that refer to any sort of beating; like in the song Thahab El Leilo where towards the middle they refer to the dad beating Susu and Fifi (the first part is ok though); or in Mama Zamanha Gayyah and the threat of giving an injection for not drinking milk. Its just too old school. As for new children songs by famous artists like Nancy Agram, these are a joke ... they seem like songs for older people about kids or with kids just dancing in them; as opposed to simple songs with easy tunes that kids can actually sing themselves. Generally i am not very fond of any of the famous Arabic kids songs except for those by Rula Zaki. Links to a few songs are on youtube link below. 

Away from famous singers, SHAMSENA ( has made a lovely collection of 'true' children songs that can be found on their website (see link below). 

(9) Karamella Channel - bedtime stories:

Lightly animated bedtime stories in the Egyptian dialect.

(10) Egyptian TV (Maspeero - ماسبيرو)

ُThe YouTube link below will take you to different Egyptian TV productions for children streamed on the Egyptian National TV.

(11) Egyptian TV (هند و الدكتور نعمان)

Almost anyone who grew up in Egypt in the 80'ies was in love with these series. A thriller with the 7 year old protagonist girl, Hind. A favorite of many.