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Kan Yama Kan - Part 1

International Folktales in Egyptian Arabic

ISBN  978-1-7344774-0-5

8 Stories in 1 Book

Hardcover -151 pages

Dimensions: 20 x25 cm

For ages: 0 - 8 years 

We chose 8 of the most popular international folktales that stood the test of time and place, and are still being told and retold all over the world. We imagined if these stories had happened in Egypt and tell them in Egyptian Arabic rhymes, with each story illustrated by a different Egyptian female artist. We started with a story from Nuba in the south and finished our journey in the north, in the city of Alexandria. Along the way, we visited Sohag, El-Faiyum, Cairo, and the city of Benha in El-Qalyubia.  And we didn't forget to visit Sinai in the east and EL Bahariya Oasis in the west. In each tale we will learn a lesson or something new while enjoying a game; look in each story for one hidden blue eye, because there are 8 that you can spy! 

Kan Yama Kan - Part 1

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